The Story Behind Jenn Blossoms

As a young person, I dreamed of owning my own flower shop. I’ve loved flowers since before I could remember. My grandparents on both sides were farmers, so I came by it naturally. The part I didn’t like about flowers was watching them wilt and then die.
Life took me in many directions while raising a family and I had to put the floral shop dream aside. I worked for my parents helping to run their sign shop for 25 years while also working part-time as a safety coordinator in agricultural research. I was offered benefits at the agricultural job, which meant leaving the sign shop but also the creative side of life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my day job where I get to study ways to make farming more sustainable to help feed more people using less resources. I also get to drive huge equipment as well as manage 4 acres of natural pollinator habitat and bee hives. With all of that, I was still missing making things.
My oldest daughter told me she had purchased wood flowers for her upcoming wedding. I had no idea what wood flowers were. I fell in love once I saw them and proceeded to buy a few to play around with. It was exciting to see these flowers that never wilt or die. This led to a progression of slowly turning part of my home into a workshop where I now run Jenn Blossoms business on nights and weekends.
This is my 4th year in business. It’s a learning process for sure. Being the sole employee means that I’m responsible for accounting, social media, website, sales, shipping, purchasing, quality control, and creating. If it gets quiet here, it’s most likely because I’m in a field somewhere planting, taking notes or harvesting for my job.
Thank you for your support of my dream and for being a part of this journey!