Wood Flowers That Last For Years

Wedding Bouquet

They Really Are Wood!

The wood for these sola wood flowers is derived from the Shola Plant root and grown in Thailand and India. The wood is peeled into paper thin sheets with a machete. Individual petals are cut by hand from the sheets. Those petals are then tied together making each wood flower. While I do make some flowers, I purchase most of them from US suppliers.  It takes me half an hour to make one flower so it’s more cost effective for me to buy them.

I hand paint each flower to capture a more natural look.  The flowers feel soft which helps them last for years.  Each arrangement is made using faux greenery.  Every piece is one of a kind.

Spring colored wood flowers in a repurposed watering can
My grandma on her 90th birthday with a gift of a sola wood flower arrangement.

How I Got Started

Hi there! I’m Jenn, owner and designer at Jenn Blossoms. I’m grateful for your support of this small business that has become my dream. I worked for my parents as a graphic designer and sign maker for over 20 years. I missed

My daughter's wedding day was made extra special with sola wood flower bouquets.